Life is so complicated. Life is so difficult. Life can be so scary and uncertain.


These four spiritual laws can give us a simple, easy and absolutely solid anchor to make logical and plausible sense out of everything.


God loves us and has a wonderful “plan” for all persons: that they, as an unconditional gift, share the One abundant and everlasting God Life (something that, by nature, the Father Person and the Son Person and the Holy Spirit Person have always shared). [That is an absolute and universal truth. WE CALL IT “GOOD NEWS” OR “AMAZING GRACE”.]


Humans don’t fully believe that about God and themselves. [That is an absolute and universal truth. WE CALL IT “SIN” (SEPARATION-DEATH-EVIL).] To fully believe is not just a matter of the mind, but it must also include the flesh (Rom. 7:23 and Rom. 8:23). Right now (more or less) all humans believe in separation—(“I’m going to be left out, left behind, abandoned, neglected, rejected. There’s not going to be enough for me.”) And so, everyone is more or less suffering the horrible pains of fear and anger and loneliness. We spend billions and we attempt all kinds of craziness to relieve the pain. Usually, we only cause more pain.


Only Jesus, by the kind of love and forgiveness he DEMONSTRATES, can eventually fully convince all of humanity that we are already given (graced with) total love. [That is an absolute and universal truth. WE CALL IT “SALVATION” OR “BUILDING THE KINGDOM”.] Jesus continues his demonstration through Church and sacraments until all of humanity itself becomes “The Universal Sacrament” of God’s Love on earth.


Individual humans can consciously participate in and enjoy the saving process only by making decisions to “do” the will of God. [That is an absolute and universal truth. WE CALL IT “BELIEVING” OR “FAITH”.] The “easy” part is to believe in the mind. Most people mistakenly think that is enough. But, in reality, “we only know what we do.”


(Refer back to this paper at all times. Make a game of it. You can even try competing with a partner-in-faith to see if you both can apply these truths as absolutes in every situation experienced in life and with every teaching of the bible and of the Church. Pay particular attention to how all of us, even the faithful of the bible and of the Church, have been (more or less) teaching and praying from a poor sinful position. We have never been completely saved as yet; we are being saved. And remember that “salvation” is not about individuals competing to win a place with God in some distant heaven. “SALVATION” REFERS TO BUILDING THE KINDOM—TRANSFORMING HUMANITY HERE “ON EARTH” UNTIL EVERYONE IS DOING GOD’S WILL “AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.”)



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Copyright © 2017 Rev. John Vogler - [Inspired by “The Four Spiritual Laws” of Campus Crusade for Christ.]



I.   God loves us and is determined that all humanity should know and experience that love.

EVIL/DEATH/SEPARATION is absolutely impossible for the God Life—“And he saw that it was good…good…good…and he rested.”

DECAY”/RESURRECTION is simply whenever parts of the God Life morph into other created forms—nothing is ever added and nothing is ever taken away; there is no real death (i.e. separation) within the God Life.

PREDESTINATION OF ALL PERSONS is guaranteed.  They either already possess the whole of the God Life (abundant and eternal) or they are about to be assumed to possess (inherit/share) that life with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit persons—it is a universal gift.


 II.   All humanity, with its limited experience, is hopelessly enslaved to the belief in separation.

ORIGINAL SIN: By nature, those parts of the God Life that are capable of knowing and loving, can ONLY know and love within their own limits; they can be wrong (e.g. “The earth is flat. The sun is moving across the sky”). Through no fault of their own, creatures see a lot of evidence that leads them to wrongly belief in the illusion of EVIL/DEATH/SEPARATION—“Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.”

HUMAN KNOWLEDGE must include the whole form of life (mind and flesh). The conscious mind can decide to believe any damned fool thing it wants to believe (and most often does), but the flesh will only believe based on evidence that is seen and heard and touched. The stronger the evidence, the easier it is to believe.

SIN IS COMMITTED when one freely chooses to give evidence that EVIL/DEATH/SEPARATION is possible—“All have sinned.” (All reasoning creatures more or less tell themselves: “Separation—running away or getting left out, left behind, neglected, abandoned, rejected, lost—can happen to me”; or, they think, “I can make those things happen to others in order to control the situation and protect myself.”)

FEAR, ANGER, LONELINESS AND CONTROL are all symptoms and the consequences of sin within God. The God Life suffers and is wounded by sin, but it cannot be separated (die) except artificially. (Artificial separation is real, but it still is only artificial and cannot possibly last—it has only the illusion of permanence.)

INDIVIDUAL PERSONS CANNOT AVOID ENJOYING AND SUFFERING CONSEQUENCES (heaven or purgatory). It is impossible for any person (uncreated or created) to escape what is happening to the God Life since, ultimately, all persons must share the same God Life for their very eternal existence. Whatever happens to any part of the God Life, is enjoyed or suffered by each and every individual person that shares the God Life.


III.   ONLY Jesus/Church/Sacrament (by building an adequate BODY of evidence on earth) has

        what it takes to save humanity from its belief in separation.

JESUS/CHURCH/SACRAMENT—CHRIST is absolutely necessary to give evidence that is adequate for all of humanity to fully believe in love instead of in separation. The stronger the evidence, the easier it is to believe.

SALVATION is the transforming of humanity from an organism on earth that believes in EVIL/DEATH/SEPARATION into a people “walking by faith” in the Blessed Trinity. Trinity will become humanity’s first principle in thought (faith/hope) and in action (charity/love).


 IV.   Even with the best of evidence, a decision of faith (surrender) is still necessary for

         individuals to be saved from the belief in separation.

THE DECISION OF FAITH must happen in the mind and it must happen in the flesh in order for it truly to be called “Salvation”—we are “being saved.” Humanity is saved through the process of individual forms of life surrendering to the God Life. (“I came to serve, not to be served.”)

THE KINGDOM (God’s will being done on earth) is the fulfillment of God’s plan to lead humanity out of its enslavement to the belief in separation. God’s salvific plan is all about getting things straight within humanity (that suffering part of the God Life) on earth. It is not about individuals being rewarded apart from others.

THE KINGDOM IS A PROCESS. We have only been at it for 2000 years. “The Kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed.” (This observer thinks that it will only take one more thousand years.)

THE ELDERS (“mystics”) of each new generation more or less will become younger and more numerous than the elders of the previous generation as it becomes easier to see the evidence of God’s unity. One day, children will be born into a humanity fully of elders. Even the 6 and 7 year-olds will be “walking by faith” in the sure knowledge that we all share a bit of the one God Life and that, once this little life is spent, each person is destined to be assumed to share the whole life of God with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit persons. We are not moving out of the neighborhood” when we die. This IS the ‘hood!    


 © Revised 2016 Rev. John Vogler