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Form Philosophy

I claim to have figured out why the Blessed Trinity is so important. I am not smarter nor holier than anyone who lived in the past or who is on the scene right now. I JUST HAPPENED ON TO IT.

The Blessed Trinity makes an absolute distinction between the Life and the Persons who possess the Life. Not only do the Persons have an ontological existence but they have an ontological existence that is absolutely distinct, yet inseparable,  from the Life they possess. (This is THE important insight.) THEY CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT A LIFE TO POSSESS, YET, THEY ARE IN NO WAY PART OF THE LIFE THEY POSSESS.

The brain can control the human body but it is part of the body. The soul is the principle of human life, but it is part of the life it informs. However, in the case of the person, I claim that Trinity reveals that it is in possession of a life BUT IT IS NOT PART OF THE LIFE IT POSSESSES.

That's it! That is the Trinitarian distinction--the insight that makes it possible now to approach everything using an entirely new paradigm.

In order to get the best use of the Trinitarian distinction we need a philosophy adequate for the task. Although I admire scholastic philosophy and I still use a lot of its distinctions, I find it necessary to adapt it to a more simple and common sense approach that I'll call "Form Philosophy."

REMEMBER, what we learn from Trinity is that all reality is divided into LIFE and PERSONS. They are absolutely distinct and they are absolutely inseparable. LIFE in its totality and in its parts will be called "life forms" or "forms of life" even when they are material (e.g. a lump of coal is called a form of life here because it is part of a larger form of LIFE).


Text Box: Trinity reveals that there are two absolutely distinct kinds of being--Life Forms and Persons. 
Text Box: We need a philosophy adequate for the task...a more simple and commonsense approach that I'll call "Form Philosophy."


Supreme Super-Form = Eternal, Uncreated, God Life, Universe, Cosmos, "All that is seen and unseen".

Super form = Creature that includes other created forms within it.
Sub-form = Creature that is part of a super form…(material or spiritual).

Physical form = Material parts, (animal, vegetable or mineral).
Spiritual form = Angel ("pure"), human (mixed), God Life (mixed).

Intelligent form = any form capable of knowing and loving (Angel, human, God).

Natural form = God and all forms within God that are created without some intelligent creature's intervention.

Artificial form = A form temporarily put together by an intelligent creature.

Ontological form = Exists outside of the mind of an intelligent creature.

Logical form = Thoughts, words, names, beliefs, etc. existing only within the mind of an intelligent creature.


Simple (uniform) - Compound
Single - Collective
Surface - Solid
Substance - Accident
Scientific (assayed) - Apparent

There is but one Supreme Super-Form of life. It is the Universe (the Cosmos) or the God Life and it has both physical and spiritual dimensions. (Jesus proved that God is not ashamed to have a body.) It is a self contained Cosmic Organism. Nothing is ever added to its totality and nothing is ever lost. The Three God Persons are not parts of the God Life but they are absolutely united to the God Life because they have always possessed it and they enjoy no existence apart from it.

All other life forms (creatures) come from and are part of the Supreme Super-Form. The common understanding that God created out of "nothingness" is only useful to rule out the possibility that God might not be the sole source of all that is seen and unseen. Whether or not these creatures are "planned" is unimportant to me for now. For me, it is important that
a.) God is the sole source of every form of life.
b.) The whole thing is in harmony ("And He saw that it was good").
c.) It is personal (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit have "ownership" of the whole process).

All natural physical and spiritual changes and movement within the Supreme Super-Form normally happen through process (evolution). This process could also be what is known as the "resurrection."


I have a bottle that contains a small amount of soapy water. I vigorously shake the bottle and in a moment the bottle is completely filled with thousands of tiny individual, distinct bubbles whose SOLE source is the soapy water and the air within the bottle. Nothing is added to the bottle and, when it sits for a day and the bubbles go away, nothing has been lost from the bottle.


A sub-form is any form that is found within a super-form (e.g. an eye is within a body, a cell is within an eye, a molecule is within a cell, an atom is within a molecule and…all of them, of course, are within the Supreme Super-Form, God).

Since the Supreme Super-Form is both physical and spiritual, sub-forms of the God Life (i.e. creatures) are able to be
physical forms or spiritual forms or a combination of each (e.g. a tree or an angel or a human). Because all created forms live and move and have their being within the one Supreme Super-Form and because the Supreme Super-Form has both a physical and a spiritual dimension, it should be noted that (in some way) every spiritual form shares in the physical dimension and every physical form shares in the spiritual dimension of the one Supreme God Life. But, the evidence from within the form itself might only demonstrate that it is a "pure spirit" (e.g. an angel) or that it is "pure material" (e.g. a lump of coal). I don't know for sure just how or what it is that defines an angel sub-form but an angel is definitely a sub-form of the God Life and it is a limited intelligent form of life (of course, this also applies to Satan).

Intelligent forms are orientated toward a capacity for knowing and for loving (e.g. the God Life, humans and angels). Whether an intelligent form simply is or it comes into being, every such form is possessed by a co-existent person. Thus, the person possessing an intelligent form either is a God Person or it comes into being with a divinely created intelligent form of life. Created persons (just as with Uncreated Persons) are co-existent and inseparable from their intelligent form but they are not part of the life they possess.

The Supreme Super-Form (the God Life) is the only intelligent form that is capable of having other intelligent forms within it as sub-forms. This guarantees that no intelligent creature would ever be able to blame its own wrongdoing on some other limited intelligent super-form of which it would be a sub-form. [e.g. Even if humans were to consider themselves to be sub-forms of the Earth System, they would not be able to blame their own wrongdoing on "Mother Earth" because the Earth System is not an intelligent form of life.] To put it another way, this guarantees that we avoid determinism toward any wrong or evil. It does, however, allow a certain "determinism" toward goodness in the sense that we are predestined to be in harmony with the God life. (Ephesians 1.)

This is not said to deny free will. However, by saying that we are "determined" or "predestined" for good, makes it possible to have a quite different understanding of the term "supernatural" when it is used to refer to creatures. Goodness or Godliness IS our true nature even after we have turned away from God. Goodness is still the true nature of Satan, for instance. We should reject anything that smacks of dualism.

natural form is one created within the God Life without the intervention of a limited intelligent form.

artificial form is any form put together by the intervention of a limited intelligent form. If the intervention is merely to redirect or to guide what is truly natural (e.g. cross-breeding plants or animals and perhaps even some responsible genetic engineering of humans) we don't have to call the resulting form "artificial." However, if the resulting form is incapable of being maintained except by the continued intervention of a limited intelligent form (as in the case of a mule or an automobile) then we could call it an artificial form. [NOTE: Artificial is not necessarily dishonest or evil. But ALL EVIL is artificial.]

ontological form is one that has an existence apart from the mind of any limited intelligent form. Even if it exits outside the mind for only a moment it is ontological for that moment. All natural forms are ontological in their origin and/or in their continued existence.

logical form has its origin and its continued existence only in the mind of a limited intelligent form. By very definition, all logical forms are artificial. Please note that artificial forms can be either ontological or logical (e.g. My automobile is artificial/ontological, while the concept "tree" is artificial/logical).

Evil can be created as a logical form in the mind of a limited intelligent form. It can even be given a
temporary ontological existence by a limited intelligent form's interference. But, it can never be a natural form. And any natural process within the Supreme Super-Form can never sustain evil.

That should be enough of Form Philosophy to hold us for now. More can be added later as the need demands. I suspect that greater intellects that mine can do a much better job of making the proper distinctions. However, they must keep all temporary forms within the Supreme Super Form; and, they must keep the persons absolutely distinct (yet inseparable) from the forms of life.