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Trinitarian Distinction


When explaining the Trinity in an orthodox way:

· We may NOT say that there are three separate God Lives who are Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

· We may NOT say that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are just three different names for the same God Life like when we say "Me", "Myself", and "I".

We may NOT say that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are different parts of the same God Life. For instance, the "Three-leaf-clover" explanation attributed to St. Patrick is not really an orthodox explanation of the mystery of the Trinity.

If you read carefully this Athanasian Creed, you will see that you can not make the divine persons to be part of the "Godhead." But, people have always assumed that the persons would have to be PART OF the God Life similar to the way that the soul (our spiritual dimension) is part of our human life. This leaves us with all kinds of contradictions. So, traditionally, theologians (if they are being honest) say that the Trinity can not be understood.


Stop thinking of the PERSONS as part of the form of life (nature) they possess. Allow them to be an absolutely distinct kind of being, coexistent with a form of life that, by its very nature, is compelled to host the person(s).

In other words, PERSONS ARE IN NO WAY PART OF THE LIFE THEY POSSESS. When I drag my finger across the table, I notice that the shadow moves with, and is inseparable from, my finger. Yet, the finger is in no way part of the shadow and the shadow is in no way part of the finger. Likewise, these beings that we call "persons" do not, and CANNOT, EXIST APART FROM A FORM OF LIFE THAT IS HOSTING THE PERSONS. The life form contains and exercises the power to know and love, while the person can only be said to possess those powers that reside in the life it possesses.

I submit that the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity tells us that the ONE God Life knows and loves itself and every single form of life within itself; and it knows and loves each of the persons that it is hosting. The THREE God Persons are coexistent and inseparable, but they can ONLY know and love by possessing the abundant and everlasting God Life with all the knowledge and love within it.

Text Box: Trinity reveals that there are two absolutely distinct kinds of being--Life Forms and Persons.


· The whole BOTTLE represents the Supreme Eternal Form of Life (God) and the BUBBLES are only the temporary created forms that come from and rise back into other forms within the God Life. But, if BOTH the body and the soul are parts of my "bubble," then what happens to me when the "bubble" goes away (when I go to the grave)? Logically, wouldn't my soul lose its identity at the same time that my "bubble" loses its distinct form? Without the distinct individual "bubble," how would I experience Heaven, Hell or Purgatory?


My distinct identity is the person (the "shadow"); and it is in no way part of the form of life (the "bubble") that loses its identity when it rises back into other forms within God.


· The SHADOW represents the Person that is being hosted by the BOTTLE (God) or by a BUBBLE (a creature).

· Because the shadow is in no way part of the bottle, the very identical bottle is able to "host" multiple shadows at the same time.

· All a shadow (a person) needs to exit is to have an object (a form of life) to which it is joined.

· HOSTED BY NATURE:: the THREE Divine Persons are joined to and are co-eternal with the ONE Divine Life.

HOSTED BY GRACE (GIFT):: when a created person loses its distinct created life, the God Life (as promised) simply assumes the created person to share the whole divine life with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.