Fifty years ago, we buried my mother in a cemetery just around the corner from the rectory where I now reside. I ask folks to imagine a little scenario that might seem in poor taste except for the fact that I am talking about my own dear mother. Let me describe the scenario.


After 50 years, I would guess that my mother’s little tin casket has broken apart in the ground. Imagine that the remains of my mom have been feeding the soil for a while. Of course, the soil has been feeding the grass above her grave.


Now, imagine that a cow gets into the cemetery and is eating the grass that was fed by the soil that was fed by my mother’s remains. (I know this is only pop science, but I think it is basically accurate. So, please bear with me.)


Of course, they don’t want a cow running around in the cemetery, so they kill it and send some of the meat over to the church where I live. I cut it up, throw it into a stew that I am making, I sit down and I eat the meat that was fed by the grass that was fed by the soil that was fed by my mother.


I use this little story to illiterate the point that what we call “decay” or “corruption” is really only our perception. In reality, all so-called decay is simply a resurrection into new forms of life. There is no such thing as decay in the sense that things are going out of existence.


Recently, I was watching a PBS presentation that explained the Higgs Boson (the “god particle”) that scientists have now been able to isolate as a distinct form that they believe is responsible for all other forms. It is named after the British physicist, Peter Higgs, but, as one teacher put it, “Actually, God has to get the credit…or the blame.”


I was delighted to hear the description of what scientists called the “production and decay” of these particles. “Production” was achieved in an atom smasher by the complete demolition of an atom, but “decay” happened immediately as the particles began to create new forms.


Most scientific descriptions are far beyond my ability to follow completely, but I think to myself, “Isn’t it great that scientists call it ‘decay’ when they observe a particle ‘creating’ a new form?” Similarly, if we think about it, all the things that we like to call “decay and corruption” are actually the creation of new forms of life.


The fact that we get it backwards in our perception should be no surprise to any of us. We are so tiny; we cannot help but get it wrong. Just think of the fact that Peter and Paul and all the saints and scholars who lived at the time of the Bible believed that the earth was flat and that the sun was moving across the sky. They were not bad people. They were not stupid. The earth looks flat and the sun looks like it is moving.


I submit that all the ills of humanity have their root in the faulty human perception of separation/death/evil. We are all afraid that we are going to be left out, abandoned, rejected, deprived, left behind and die. Separation/death/evil has been demonstrated to us from the moment we were born. Even among loved ones, the threat of separation is used to control the ones we love. We even think of heaven as moving out of the neighborhood—we say, “We’re going to heaven”—rather than, more accurately, thinking of it as expanding our territory.


The ONLY way for salvation (the Kingdom) to happen on earth is to keep building a critical mass of humans who demonstrate that we ALL belong as precious, dear, darling parts (children) of the ONE God Head. Demonstration of love, of course, is more than believing it in the mind. We must DO the will of God by “bleeding” for one another. “Seeing is believing,” when it comes to saving humans from their perception of death (separation).

 © 2016 Rev. John Vogler