A rebellious little boy declares, “I’m not going to go to sleep. I won’t go to sleep!”


Is he free to TRY? Of course he can. But, can he succeed? No way. All he can do is make himself and everyone else miserable.


A little girl defiantly declares, “I’m going to hold my breath ‘til I die!”


Is she free to TRY? Of course she can. But, will she succeed? No way. All she can do is make herself and everyone else miserable.


I submit that there is no one who has ever been able to separate themselves or anyone else from the life of God. We ALL are free to TRY; but no one ever has, or ever will succeed in doing so.


I think we overrate our free will in so many foolish ways. Just think of some of the crazy things we try to do: We eat and drink stuff that makes us sick—and we do it repeatedly! We try to control adult children. We claim that mere human creatures can successfully refuse God’s love for all eternity. We commit suicide and execute people. And, the list goes on and on and on. We really believe that we can successfully get rid of people and/or run away from people.


When children overrate their free will, the misery they cause themselves and others is usually minimal. But the misery we cause as adults is literally “hell on earth.” If I will not be good to stop that “hell” that we all know is going on right now, please don’t insult my intelligence by saying I will be good to avoid an unknown “eternal hell” that the Church has declared is no more than a mere possibility.


 © 2017 Rev. John Vogler